CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION:  THE HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER OF THE CARTOON VILLAIN (working title) is a long-form creative documentary that employs 'Clovis', an animated antihero, to scrutinise the American actor Paul Lynde's casting as a series of Hanna Barbera cartoon villains in the late 1960s. As Clovis re-enacts real-life events in the life of the actor and voice artist, the film explores the psycho-social relationship between villainy and hysterical male laughter; voice as a signifier of otherness and the crazed symbiosis of character and actor. 

Directed and Produced by Richard Squires. Co-produced by Madeleine Molyneaux. Animation by Elroy Simmons. Associate Producer Abigail Addison. © LMFYFF Productions 2018.